2001:aso 63'' Discovery from Kaiyodo
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2018-07-05 02:43:52 UTC
This Japanese model looks superb, is large enough for proper detailing and will be released in three versions (styrene kit, pre-finished and painted kit and a master replica with custom 3D-printed and photo-etched parts):


Never did purchase the Moebius "Discovery" kit as the detail was a bit soft for the heavy price and the interior/pod bay detail-up sets also cost too much. This kit looks much more appealing.

2018-08-25 21:26:13 UTC
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Never did purchase the Moebius "Discovery" kit as the detail was a bit soft for the heavy price and the interior/pod bay detail-up sets also cost too much. This kit looks much more appealing.
Video on next year's "Discovery" model from Japan, comparing it to the U.S. release. The Moebius spokesperson agrees that the increase in size brings out much-needed detail (as they worked on it with Kaiyodo). It will be released as $13,000 prop replica, $1,300 finished model and $400 plastic model editions.

A prototype of the upcoming EVA pod model from Moebius is also on display.

2018-11-29 09:53:54 UTC
Kaiyodo has set-up an elaborate and detailed website for their *Art Master 3D* replica "Discovery":


If you wish to purchase the limited run prop replica (which is only available from Japan at this point) the deadline for applications is December 20, 2018. A "US sales" version will follow.


The price is 1,300,000 yen + 5,000 yen for shipping within Japan (about $11,500). Pre-orders are required because Kaiyodo's prop replica is finished by hand. The pre-order period is being extended through December to commemorate the 8K presentation of 2001:aso on NHK Super Hi-Vision on December 1, 2018.

A raw Google translation of Kaiyodo's "Discovery" website is below.




As it appears in the science fiction movie '2001: a space odyssey'

Completely reproduce the Prop of Discovery!

The ultimate modeled object that you can experience directly the power of the Discovery issue that appears in the movie!

We reproduced the 54-foot *1 (16-meter) model used for shooting Stanley Kubrick's SF movie '2001: a space odyssey' released in 1968 at 1/10. The basic shape is a perfect outline with reference to drawings published in the book "2001 The Lost Science" by Mr. Adam Johnson of the American researcher *2.

Details are analyzed from the screens of a few photos and movie, the detail on the left side where no document exists at all is guessed based on the details that are clarified, after verifying it, designing the prototype with 3D-CAD.

*1 There are 54 feet theory and 57 ft theory in the size of the real prop. The size on the design of prop was 57 feet, but it seems that the prop completed for shooting and manufacturing reasons was 54 feet. However, both overseas researchers have argued both, and it has not been solved satisfactorily yet. There are various theories that the setting of the spacecraft in the movie is also 100 to 150 meters. Originally this product was developed based on the 57-ft. theory, but we adopted the 54-foot theory, which is ultimately the established scale.

* 2 This drawing is drawn based on the drawing of the time which was owned by Mr. Frederic Oldway who was a technical adviser of the movie, it is the most reliable drawing at present.

It is now possible to shift from analog modeling by clay to digital modeling by 3D, and new expressions that could not be gained by analog could also be made. On the other hand, there are many artists who are forced to digitize by thinking analog modeling as past technology. However, as Kaiyodo, I am convinced that there is good digital in digital and analog good in analog. Art Master 3D is not aimed at the means of digital shaping, it firmly identifies the direction that you want to express, and presents product development that combines the merits of digital and analog. In the first bulletin discovery, we are approaching in a digitally + analogous way that finishes digitally molded prototypes in handmade that can be said to be the ultimate analog modeling.

Complete reproduction of discovery achieved by ultimate analog analysis (sketch) and state-of-the-art full digital modeling (3D-CAD)

In making this prototype, about 300 sketches were analyzed and analyzed for each detail prepared by Katsuya Nishizaka, the production director. It belonged as a modeling artist in the mid Kaiyodo period (around the mid 80's), now Tetsuro Kato is doing shaping activities under the name of STUDIO lotus, full digital modeling. It is one year to digitally produce honesty by fully accepting instructions from Nishi-Saka that jumps in a fun way to reproduce the 54 ft model with a mission sense up to abnormal. Finally the ultimate 54 Ft model reproduction Discovery was completed.

We have consistently passed the philosophy of "artpla" that Kaiyodo has consistently aimed since its founding

Producer Director Katsuya Nishizaka:

Production of the Prop Replica of this "Discovery" faced a fatal problem of few materials, unlike the modeling of the film in which the real thing was left. Particularly in the situation that the left side of Prop can not be confirmed, there are not a few parts that were modeled with imagination at all. However, we got a lot of advice from overseas researchers so as not to fall into self-satisfaction when designing. Mr. Adam Johnson gives advice on the details of the detail of each detail and arrangement of parts, Mr. Pierce Bisonney, author of "Making of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 a Space Odyssey", offers high-resolution steel photographs, other overseas We received advice on detailed details from multiple famous modelers. The attempt to dig up and reproduce the materials and images 50 years ago was also a steady work like unearthing fossils. Work of prototype production staff lasted more than a year on holiday return. In this way the ultimate "Discovery" has finally been completed. If you view this product at the same angle as one scene of the movie, I think that you will be surprised by its reproducibility. The idea of ??"artpla" that Kaiyodo called Kaiyodo, "modeling as a canvas and finishing it as a work of art" consistently aimed at is founded there.

It was pleasant to be able to collaborate with people who have a passion about making things

Prototype production Tetsuro Kato (STUDIO lotus)

Prototype Production Studio - Lotus (Representative Tetsuro Kato) Studio - Mr. Yoshiyuki Kobayashi, a former senior of the digital modeling staff, will mobilize the staffs of the lotus, but also asking for a part-time job for a further student, it becomes a job with a big span of one year It was.

Nishizaka's understanding of the fresh passion for Discovery was so understandable that it was not a pain but it was a very pleasant environment to collaborate with people with passion about making things.

Every one is a part with few complicated curves, but because the amount is so enormous, the degree of achievement at the moment can not be measured at all and the finish of light at the end of the work has begun to be produced I remember that it was about 8 months from then.

It was the face composition of the parabola rear arm, which was very difficult, initially it did not seem like a movie at all at first, but Mr. Kobayashi exerted great power in the formation of such a complex curved surface It was the existence of.

I think that it was impossible to realize the complex surface including other places without him.
When a certain form was completed, we got advice from various people. Cooperation of Adam Johnson, Mr. Pierce Bisonney, was very appreciative, leading to further improvement in quality of molding.

However, it is too big a name, and actually there is still no sense of reality ... ....
Many feelings gathered, and such a ridiculous model was completed. I would like you to see the actual thing by all means whether it is outrageous.

Materials using 3D printers and handmade made it possible to commercialize complete version

"Discovery" consists of three major parts. A spherical command ship and a huge engine, and an elongated spinal module connecting them. The elongated spinal module is also a highlight of the LIMITED version. Although 60 large and small sized containers were combined, 60 different containers were given different details like the movie. In addition, each container is an octahedron, of which five are all different in detail. To mass produce one different module too much, the cost of the mold is so high that it becomes unrealistic high price, but by outputting each with a 3D printer and handmade them completely, 300 It was possible to inscribe different details on all sides. Since this is a commercialization using a 3D printer, it is a new attempt to realize it, and its reproducibility does not compare with the existing kit (including the garage kit). Reproduction of the engine part also reproduces the prop with the precision unique to 3D printers. I was able to reproduce the textures such as three characteristic verniers, complicated intricate piping, radiation fins, material storage tanks, and so on. You can taste the detail of a nuclear power engine that consists of hundreds of different textures impossible with molded products.

What is the characteristic of 54 feet prop?

command module:

A sphere of 11 meters in diameter contains a cockpit, a hangar for three EVA (extravehicular activity) pods, a centrifuge residential area that produces artificial gravity, and a brain room of HAL 9000 type computer that controls all of the navigation. Prop was a 6 foot (1.8 m) sphere and the main body was made of wood and fiberglass. Further thin metal plates, acrylic boards, paper strips were stretched, and the details of the paint color was slightly changed to make details.

spine module:

Multiple containers for material storage form one block, which is connected through eleven blocks, connecting couplers, forming a spine-like structure. The container body was made of wood. Detail was made on the surface with parts of acrylic board and plastic model. The coupler for connection was made by scraping aluminum and each was passed through a steel pipe.

nuclear engine module:

It is a nuclear power engine that uses nuclear thermal rocket propulsion that heats and injects propellant of liquid hydrogen at high temperature during nuclear fission. Under the Cold War, development was continued at Rice, Sovi, but it has not been put into practical use. Prop is close to 4 meters when rocket nozzle is joined, and one photo is being produced which is producing the huge prop. The details made up of innumerable pipes, radiating fins, fuel tanks, etc. are made of many parts of plastic models such as Airfix, Renwall and Farrer.

Alpha Echo (AE) 35 antenna:

A large parabola is used for communicating with the earth, and a small parabola is used for HAL 9000 to search for the current position. In the movie, HAL 9000 warned of this antenna malfunction, led the crew to extravehicular activities and measured the erasure. Although the detailed information on the base of the antenna is not left, this time, I analyzed the movie thoroughly and reproduced the shape.

There are various theories about the size of Discovery's real thing (assuming it exists). The best known is the novel version of 120 meters in total length. Also, as it is commonly said that the huge prop used for shooting was 54 feet (16 meters) at a scale of 1/6, the total length of the movie version will be 96 meters with 16 meters by 6 meters. Apart from this, Adam Johnson, author of "2001 The Lost Science", said MGM's official blueprint had a real setting of 496 feet (151 meters). The scale of the Discovery number made by Moebius model is 1/144 because it is based on this figure of 151 meters. Mr. Johnson also points out the possibility that the size of the huge prop was 57 feet (17 meters) from the material left. Prop does not already exist, and its shape was also changed by Kubrick's shooting intention. After all, the judgment material left to us may be only the Discovery number displayed on the screen.

Handmade production staff appointed super luxury top modeler

Baume of Kaiyodo is in charge of producing the master model of the product. 3D printing will be done in a factory with the world's best technology handling Hollywood-based movie props. The modeler team led by Mr. Masanobu Oka who is active in the magazine "Model Graphics" etc. finishes each member carefully one by one carefully. The team is a model group of professionals organized by modelers who finish outstanding examples in model magazines and popular dealers of model events such as the wonder festival. It is an unprecedented staff organization that sells handmade works by top modelers.

While aiming to paint finish like a high-class object while reproducing the atmosphere of the prop.

Master Production Baume:

In order to increase mass productivity while handmade, I first worked on the role of creating and managing the production method and painting method, making problems by making it. A method of directly processing the output product of a 3D printer which is neither plastic nor resin cast but finishing it as a product by painting and finishing it as a product has already been adopted by some overseas manufacturers but since it is the first experience for Kaiyodo and me, I was worried whether I could finish it properly at first. However, as we worked forward it was not so much different from resin cast, it was a material that was easy to process, so it is not likely that individual differences will be mostly due to mass production. 3D output is a digital manufacturing expert who is doing the structure making of many Hollywood movies and manufacturing by overseas figure makers are doing, it is a quality of security.

Since the painting is a white color other than the command module, we finish it with hidden ultra-thin sneakers and shadows hidden so as not to look monotonous.

Each product becomes a work filled with the soul of a top modeler

Handmade General Conductor Oka Masanobu:

Although there are examples of producing and selling handmade miniatures to Japan in the past, this discovery is sometimes handmade goods that Kaiyodo could make efforts with full power, which can be epoch making, We also wanted to build mass production staff with proven members. It is a great honor to be able to take over the leadership of that spearhead. In organizing the production team this time, as a top-ranking staff in Japan, we have collected magazine modelers who produce works by commercial magazines and popular dealer artists in the Wonder Festival It was. This discovery promises that each product will be a work full of soul of a top modeler, not to mention the wonder of the prototype.

Display the ultimate gem in its best form

For the base stand that supports the main unit, use acrylic material cut out one by one. Along with the strength to support the main body firmly, it plays a role of emphasizing the beauty of Discovery. Also, inside the cockpit, four LEDs are charged and can be made to emit light. The switch is contained in the command module and does not detract from the appearance.

- Original name plate using photo etching
- High quality acrylic pedestal
- luxury acrylic stand
- cockpit interior LED lighting

I confidently declare that this is an item that marks its achievement in model history.

Kaiyodo Representative Director Shuichi Miyawaki (Senmu)

"It was a modeler of Sugo Arm who was shocked by the journey of "2001: a space odyssey" and was a core figure of the initial Kaiyodo members who was a group of All-Star proficient modelers gathered by Modeler who is a pioneer of the current modeling artists.

There are two props in the discovery of the movie "2001: a space odyssey", and the powerful prop that symbolically appears on the screen is very huge, 54 feet, and the then SF boy at that time knows the details Although we tried to analyze based on a few materials, it dropped out in a severe situation that the details on the left side do not appear on the screen and the arrangement pattern of each container is unknown.

However, "Kachan" did not give up, and analyzed the detailed information on a daily basis by exchanging information that was not published with American maniacs. Looking at him like that, I decided to add it to the list "I will deliver the full item as a Kaiyodo product on the coming day."

Then for 40 years ... may the copyright license of '2001: a space odyssey' get down? I heard "Kagchan" I contacted him the most at Yes. Although I heard that I was analyzing the 54ft model afterwards, I heard that it was a bit somewhat later (laugh), but the day came when it was possible to shape his old age.

We pridefully at this point that we have made the world's best discovery, but just in keeping in mind, I asked Mr. Adam Johnson world famous for the ultimate supervision by drawing analysis of Discovery. Also reflecting some advice from Mr. Adam, the ultimate 54 ft prop model Replica was completed here."

2001: a space odyssey:

Discovery 1/10 scale - 54 ft. Prop Profect reproduction model (LIMITED)

First order limited exclusive price

1,300,000 yen (by tax shipping fee)

Prototype Production: STUDIO Lot Prop Analysis: Katsuya Nishizaka Master Production: Baume Handmade General Conduct: Oka Masanobu Planning / Production: Kaiyodo Made in Japan

Because it becomes handmade production, we will limit the period for orders.

After accepting domestic orders, we will begin receiving orders in the US, but the selling price is expected to increase significantly.

There is also possibility of reordering in Japan, but the price will be the same as the US sales version.

Detailed explanation of ordering method is done on special order page

Broadcasting at the world's first 8K (Super Hi-Vision) broadcasting station "NHK BS 8K" to open from December 2018

"We will extend the ordering period to celebrate" 8K Complete Edition 2001 Space Trip "on Saturday, December 1 (Sat) 1:10 pm.

For details, please confirm "Special orders page".

About product specifications

This product is manufactured and sold by Kaiyodo Corporation.
Handmade products "which we manufacture by hand one by one in Japan after ordering.

Please understand that there may be minor differences in one body.

Unlike ordinary mass-produced goods, packaging is packaging-oriented, such as prevention of breakage during transportation, and printing etc. is simple for handmade goods.

Some parts need to be assembled with your hands on display.

· Exhibition "Journey through space in 2001"
· Art Master 3D
· Order start: 2018 / Oct
· Price: 1,300,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1,404,000 yen (tax included)
· Prototype production: STUDIO lotus
· Prop analysis: Katsuya Nishizaka
· Master Production: Baume
· Handmade general command: Oka Masanobu
- Accessory: Body, acrylic display stand ? 3, instruction manual, warranty card

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and all related characters and elements © & ™ Turner Entertainment Co. (s 18)

Please be sure to read

Kaiyodo Co., Ltd. (Manufacturer / distributor)

Please confirm before ordering production of [Discovery 1/10 scale 54 ft. Prop full reproduction model (LIMITED)] before applying.

Application for products will be accepted from the application form below

* Please wait for reply mail from order application and transfer it to designated account.

As soon as payment can be confirmed, we will inform you of delivery in order.
Application will be canceled if payment deadline is passed.

About delivery:

1) Shipping fee will be charged uniformly 5,000 yen (excluding tax).

2) Delivery schedule is scheduled for shipping in order of application from around January 2019.
- It will be delivered in the order of application, but when the number of orders exceeds a certain standard delivery time may unavoidably extend.

Please be forewarned (In that case we will contact you separately).

- Delivery form is planned to be delivered in a special packing box.
- Delivery is limited to Japan domestic.

3) Please confirm the product within one week from delivery.

If there is a problem with the product of delivery, please contact the address of delivery.

About product warranty

Warranty period: one year from delivery
Depending on the content, it may be chargeable.

About cancellation

This product is "Order Production" to produce from ordering application.
Please understand that we can not accept cancellation, change after application.

About handling of personal information

By this application, the customer shall be permitted to use the customer's personal information gained by us properly and to use only for the following purposes.

· Duties necessary for delivering the products of our ordered
· Provide information that seems to be beneficial and necessary for customers such as new product information

About products Questions, etc.

If you have any questions about the product etc., please contact the Kaiyodo online store counter (user-***@kaiyodo.net).

With the 50th anniversary of publication, I can not keep an eye on "2001: a space odyssey"!

NHK Integrated at November 23, Friday, November 23, 2018 4:30 ~ A documentary that followed the 8K "2001: a space odyssey" broadcast.

We will broadcast on the world's first 8K (Super Hi-Vision) broadcasting station "NHK BS 8K" that will open from December 2018 "8K Complete Edition 2001 Space Trip" December 1st (Sat) 1:10 pm We will extend the ordering period in commemoration.

Application deadline: Thursday, December 20, 2018
- The payment deadline will be one week from the confirmation of application at our company.

* We plan to implement secondary order after the completion of this initial order.
In that case, the selling price will be changed so please apply at this opportunity.

- For NHK BS 8K broadcasting, please click here.

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