A Kubrick Undocumentary
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2013-04-05 10:41:37 UTC
A Kubrick Undocumented. Another Sex Kitten, Mechanophilia, romp. this
time with Orwell

Intended as a documentary of ideas, but without the usual words on
the screen or narrative, to spoon feed explanations. This video
touches on various extreme themes. Kubrick has explored, It is
intended that the viewer draws their own conclusions about whatever
deeper meaning, related to Kubrick's ideas and influences is obliquely
suggested herein.

A.I was originally going to be Kubrick's next film after completing
Eyes Wide Shut,

The point of this series of "Sex Kitten goes to College" videos is to
explore various associations and influences that in Kubrick's films
with A.I being the capstone. The mysterious themes in Kubrick films
is part of the eras these films were made. The ideas reflect the

Steven Spielberg completed A.I. and according to all reports attempted
to stay true to Kubrick's vision, for the most part, but besides his
different style and less detailed appearances, his A.I. ending is
different to Kubrick's intended ending.

Spielberg's ending is actually dismal and dark while surprisingly,
Kubrick's ending would have had David's mother miraculously wake up
overnight because of David's love. David would get his miracle. In

Another exception is the portrayal of the Mechas such as Gigolo Joe,
as seen in this clip, who is not as dark a character as intended by
Kubrick. Spielberg misplaced the darkness.

The idea of becoming a real boy, like Pinocchio, is a prominent theme
and it can also refer to the underlying idea that human beings as they
are ALREADY, are machines built and constructed by a greater
intelligence or Natural Law. It also is similar to the portrait of a
human child, seeking and not receiving motherly love.

In AI, the Supertoys, are used for sexual purposes. Joe and Jane are
machine prostitutes. The Flesh Fair is the plight of discarded
Robots. A.I. brings in the idea of humans having sex with machines--
Mechanophilia-- he pessimistically forsees a time when people are
replacing humanity with machines and losing humanity by playing god.

It is probable, that had Kubrick done A.I. there would have been more
dark humor. Spielberg's A.I. is mostly humorless.

A.I. by Kubrick would be much discussed, today. because there would
not have been the murky and confusing ending and it would have had
that Kubrick, subtle, dark comedy. With Spielberg's version and the
A.I. archives and other information, we have to find Kubrick's
version using research and imagination to settle the questions as to
what Kubrick really meant.

The ending of A.I leaves us with mechanical humans of the future
where Mechas have replaced the Orgas. Had Kubrick done A.I. I think
it would have harkened back to all his previous films.

I think he was trying to make a statement about Human Life, being
special and never to be confused with robotics. The Robot theme is
reminiscent of the Tin man in the Wizard of Oz who lacked a heart.
David's Love in Ai is a programmed one.

Thinko the robot, in the Sex Kittens farce blew his gaskets around
Mamie Van Doren, Tuesday Weld and a pack of Strippers, (see video 2)
Thinko is predating, Hal 9000's nervous breakdown, which has no
sexual overtones but shows how dangerous an intelligent machine could
be. Pamela Mason, James Mason's wife at the time, is prominent in the
clip as the school Principal.

The Mechas Gigolo Joe and Gigolo Jane, represent a time in the future
when people would use Robots for Sex. Not far away from reality now
considering various avatar based Virtual Realities and new lines of
"fembots" being designed. Tying this in with Eyes Wide Shut,
question, who is it, that is promoting this kind of human-machine
connections and for what purpose? Just how far do sex toys go?

Why is there this idea floating in cybernetic air. that people are
machines and data designed by far more advanced builders/programmers
and they are destined to repeat the process locked in a Matrix, till
they escape. This is little different from the religious conceptions
Samsara or illusion, of breaking free from the "matrix" and going to
heaven or witnessing reality as it really is.

There would have to be a sequel to A.I. to find out what happens later
in the destroyed civilization of A.I. history.. Maybe in another
place and time that will happen.

Orwell's 1984 was a seminal work that influenced many and clearly
Anthony Burgess and Stanley Kubrick were very influence by the
brainwashing scenes of this 1956 film. The idea of Room 101 and Room
237 are obvious. In Spielberg's A.I. Gigolo Joe asks for the Room 102
key for his sex Room, If that means something I do not know what.
2013-04-07 07:44:33 UTC
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