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Padli Ktp
2015-07-02 05:19:02 UTC
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The Last King (2015)
Genres: Action , Drama , History
Director: Jeff Ridout
Writers: Frederic Ansaldo, Steven Nijjar
Stars: Derick Agyemang, Victor Altomare, Sean Ballantyne
Trivia: 150 Years ago The British (Queen) took something that's doesn't belong to them. It's priceless, it's pride, it's dignity. Today, He wants it back at all cost.
The precious Kohinoor diamond belongs the last king of Punjab, the Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The fabled Kohinoor diamond is a symbol of Sikh strength and pride. This diamond was stolen by the British 150 years ago and was brought back to England where it was recut and set in Queen Victoria's crown as a mark of the British domination in India. Now the descendent Colonel Ranjit Singh (Steve Nijjar) wants it back. This tale of power, greed, and honour in reclaiming the precious diamond continues as Ranjit Singh attempts to reclaim what was taken away from the Punjabi people in present day. Ranjit, a Special Ops Captain in the Canadian Army, feels obligated to bring the Kohinoor back to his people. The opportunity presents itself when the crown makes its way to a Toronto museum for an exclusive 3 day public exhibit. Ranjit finds himself prepared to stop at nothing and no one to recover the diamond. Detective Jack Kelsey (Mark Poyser) has the arduous task of protecting the priceless and ...
Country: Canada
Release Date: 15 April 2015 (Canada)
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2015-07-02 05:52:02 UTC
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